With nearly 60 percent of consumers listening to podcasts, it’s now time for event professionals to delve into this PR tactic first. Whether you’re giving advice, telling a story, or highlighting a service, being a guest on a podcast is a fantastic way for your business to increase brand awareness and generate new leads.

Podcasts are useful because they help event professionals present two things:

1. Their personalities. Entrepreneurs can show who they are and show how they are different from others in the industry, while connecting with potential customers.
2. Your expertise. The exchange of experiences and the provision of valuable insights will inspire the audience and draw attention to your offers.

If you’re new to podcasts, you might be wondering how to set yourself up. How do people find the right shows? What is the pitching process? Below are the answers to these questions so you can add podcast pitching to your business tasks.

Finding the right Podcasts

To approach podcast pitching from a strategic standpoint, look for shows with listeners in your primary audience. For example, pitching to a video-focused podcast won’t Skyrocket Your Sales if you’re a caterer — but a podcast about the recent food trends can be a launching pad for new leads!
Pay attention to the podcasts you choose – otherwise, you can waste time talking about shows that won’t have a positive effect on your bottom line. Your busy schedule is full enough, so don’t spend those precious minutes on podcasts that don’t fit your business!


Before you start podcast research, you need to be clear about your goals. Make them SMART-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time-based. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start looking for podcasts that will help you move the needle.

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With over 2 million podcasts, your head can spin when it comes to finding one to help you grow. And in reality, when it comes to podcasts, the pitches themselves don’t take up most of your time – instead, research should be your main focus.

There are several ways to find good podcasts:

1. Use podcast clout. This service allows you to watch some of the most popular podcasts for weddings and events (among others!).
2. Use podcasts. On this website, both podcasters and potential guests can find each other. Tinder for podcasts!)
3. Search social media. Go to # weddingpodcast on Instagram and see what fills the feed.
4. Questions in online groups. Facebook groups and local chapters like The Rising Tide Society are great ways to find new connections and ask for podcasts that guests need.

Start here to create a list of podcasts that are relevant to your goals and audience. Then you can use a platform like Airtable or a simple Google Sheet to keep track of your searches and pitches.

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