Sponsorship remains one of the main ways to finance events, including virtual ones. Especially in this post-recent times world, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a profit from ticket sales, securing sponsorship for your virtual events can affect or hinder your virtual event’s ability to generate revenue. In some cases, sponsorship is so important that it is impossible to hold the event without it. However, it’s no secret that attracting new sponsors to virtual events can be easier said than done. Proving the value of a virtual event to potential sponsors is easier said than done, and making the right impression on potential new sponsors for your event is crucial (and challenging)

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to attract new sponsors to your virtual events, as well as some useful tips and tactics for securing virtual sponsorship.


Virtual Event sponsorship: what are sponsors looking for?

It’s important to remember that sponsorship is a two-way deal: you need these sponsors to fund your event, but on the other hand, you want something valuable by working with them (and their virtual events).)

So, what are these values you are looking for in a virtual event? Why would you want to partner with them and fund your event?

While different sponsors may have different reasons for funding an event, most of them have at least one of these three main reasons:

Promotion of your brand (building brand awareness): Sponsors fund events to increase your brand awareness and increase the awareness of your event attendees.

Connect with leads and prospects( Lead generation): find and connect with your event attendees, convert them into leads, and establish your thought leadership and credibility in the niche at the same time.

Sell your products or services at your events (direct sales): quite naturally, sell your products or services to your event attendees during and after the event to generate revenue.
So, if you’re developing strategies to attract new sponsors to your virtual events, it’s important to communicate the value of your event in these three areas so you can convince them to fund your event.

Below, we’ll cover five actionable tactics based on these three areas so you can create personalized sponsorship packages based on individual business needs. This will give your current and future virtual events a greater chance of obtaining this sponsorship.

Top 5 tactics for attracting and securing new sponsors for virtual events

The most important thing to focus on when contacting potential sponsors is to clearly explain what you will receive from the sponsorship package. So how you communicate why you think the event is worth your time and money is crucial.

It is very important to first learn as much as possible about potential sponsors before contacting them with your sponsorship proposal, and you should try to identify this:

Tailor your message to the individual needs of your business so you can convince them to invest in your event.

Here are the top five of our tried and tested tactics for including offers in your sponsorship benefit packages, taking into account the three main reasons you want to sponsor your virtual event: awareness, lead generation, and monetization.

→ Create an interactive and attractive virtual exhibition stand

At in-person events, stands are important for sponsors to showcase their brand, products or services. Stands can be a very powerful tool for sponsors to achieve their goals in all three areas mentioned above:

The participants can visit the booth and learn more about the brand and the product/service (build awareness)

For participants who have shown interest in your product/service when visiting the stand, you can enter their contact details and convert them into leads (lead generation)

You can offer your product/service on the stand to promote the purchase (direct sale)

Fortunately, today there are many solutions and platforms that allow you to create virtual stands that your sponsors can use at their virtual events.

Virtual booths actually offer more benefits and versatility in terms of engagement and growth compared to their body counterparts, especially when using interactive elements to communicate and connect with the audience.

For example, Sponsors can add logos of their company, links to social media profiles and websites, and assets such as videos, images, and PDFs that are valuable to the target audience.

Eventtia offers event organizers an easy way to help sponsors create and customize their virtual booths with these unique benefits:

Sponsors can easily upload up to 10 high-quality videos to their virtual booths and customize the virtual booth according to the sponsors ‘ brand identity.

Personalize the virtual booth according to the individual business needs, brand identity and goals of this potential sponsor.

You can allow sponsors to add up to 5 activities to the virtual booth (for example, interactive games, impulse readings, etc.)

Working out how your virtual event can provide sponsors with the ability to have fully customizable and interactive virtual stands can be very effective in proving the value of your virtual event and attracting new sponsors.

Working out how your virtual event can provide sponsors with the ability to have fully customizable and interactive virtual stands can be very effective in proving the value of your virtual event and attracting new sponsors.

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