CzechTourism is responsible for promoting the many medieval castles, spas and vineyards of the Czech Republic and is responsible for raising awareness of its destinations and activities and inspiring travelers to book their dream trip to the country.

Events play an essential role in this, but with the recent times that put an end to travel and tourism, they quickly changed their approach and made the transition to virtual. More than ever, Czech tourism needed to further promote the country and connect important players in the tourism industry.

With this in mind, they set out to find an event platform that could meet their requirements during recent times and beyond.

About Czech tourism

CzechTourism was founded in 1993 and aims to make the Czech Republic known both domestically and worldwide, with the simple goal of getting people to visit the country. Over the years, the organization has made the Czech Republic one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, attracting 20 million visitors annually.

CzechTourism cooperates with several important partners from all over the world, including tourism regions, cities, media (travel writers, bloggers, vloggers, etc.).) and private companies such as hotels, destination management companies, online travel agencies and travel startups to raise the profile of the Czech Republic as a unique destination.

CzechTourism is aimed at a global audience and has a network of 19 foreign offices in Europe (e.g. Germany, Great Britain and Spain) and around the world (e.g. China, Brazil and the United States) with the aim of connecting these offices with various partners.

About your event strategy

Events are an important part of the overall marketing strategy of CzechTourism and correspond to the main goal of the organization — to share and promote the depth, details and culture of the Czech Republic.

Firstly, they help to connect important partners and players from the entire tourism industry, and secondly, they help to promote and preserve the image of the Czech Republic as a unique tourist destination.

Every year, CzechTourism organizes more than a hundred networking, workshop and webinar events, from promotional beer and spa days to events for the mouse and nanotechnology industry.

Since the recent times forced the world into a lockdown and brought tourism and personal events to a standstill, it was now more important than ever for Czech tourism to continue to involve its partners and keep the destination in mind.

Since the company had no choice but to change its event strategy to virtual, it soon realized that it had to offer its participants more than just Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls.

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