The commitment to your event is just as important, if not demonstrably even more important, than just attracting more visitors.
After all, attendance alone shouldn’t be the end goal of planning and running your event, and if your attendees aren’t properly engaged, they won’t be able to effectively achieve those goals, whether it’s selling your products/services, generating leads, building brand awareness, and more.
So how can you increase attendance at your next event?


What is Participant Engagement?

Visitor engagement, also called audience engagement or simply event engagement, refers to how well an event can grab the attention of its attendees and how much the attendees interact with other attendees, the content of the event and other elements such as sponsors, brands, special sessions (i.e. networking sessions), event team and more.
In short, a successful event not only manages to attract enough participants, but also needs to be able to communicate with these participants throughout the event.

Why is the commitment of the participants in the implementation of an event important?

Simply put, a high engagement or participation rate of participants means a higher chance of participant satisfaction, and a satisfied participant is more likely to be satisfied.:

  • Make the desired conversion (buy the products/services, sign up for an email newsletter, etc.).)
  • Mention and rate your event positively on social media
  • Recommend your event to your friends and colleagues
  • Visit your next event

In short, happy and satisfied visitors, in turn, bring many different benefits to your current and future events.
Thus, a higher participation can improve the satisfaction of the participants:

1. Higher participation leads to a better understanding of the content of the event

The more a participant participates in the event, the more he can learn from the content of the event and the more values he can extract. Several recent studies have shown that people feel happier when they learn and feel that they are growing. If you can maintain a high level of commitment to events, more of your visitors will feel happy and satisfied when they leave your doors.

2. Higher participation generates more positive memories

As you become more involved in the activities of your event and involve other attendees, you will spend more time enjoying the event experiences and have more positive memories of the evening.
Memories affect satisfaction and happiness more than the experience itself, and by ensuring high participation, you can help your participants create these memories together.

3.Higher participation increases participation and cooperation

Interaction and communication with other participants will allow your event participants to engage in a co-creative dynamic so that they can get to know each other better and, possibly, form new fruitful relationships and business partnerships.
By working together, participants can also have the opportunity to better understand the content of the event and get more value from it together by learning from each other and finding new innovative ideas.

4. Higher participation helps to immerse yourself in the event experience

A higher participation rate would ultimately allow your participants to feel better about experiencing the event. When you are emotionally connected and immersed, you feel like you belong there.
An immersive experience would ultimately lead to a higher satisfaction rate.


5. Higher participation helps participants to use the wisdom of the crowd

Immersion and inclusion in the event activities would allow participants to take advantage of the “Wisdom of the crowd” effect and offer them a much better event experience as a collective than enjoying it individually.

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