Event planners and organizers are always thinking about how to push the boundaries of event design. But with progress comes the risk, the risk of failure. C2 Montreal is an event known for pushing the boundaries of events and inspiring industry-wide progress. #EventIcons invited Anick Beaulieu from C2 International to chat with us.
Anick is an experienced event professional. She is a Board member of Zú, Vice President for Growth Partnerships and Vice President for Business Development at C2 International. With her talent for understanding the business goals of her C2 partners, she builds meaningful, long-term partnerships. Today she talks about everything that has to do with C2 and event innovation. Let’s jump in!

How Anick Beaulieu Got into the Events Industry

Before we get into C2, I want to know how Anick got into the event industry. Here is their story:

Anick’s story is what she considers “non-linear”.”She started in a family business as a developer. “We did leisure properties. The parallels are numerous,” she says. “It’s project-based. Then there is the idea of commercializing creativity.”

She continues: “C2 was actually a client of ours, and at the time my family was done with it and I was asked by a friend to work for C2 for 3 days. When I submitted my report, my boss said, “I want to rebuild the sales team. Do you want to lead it?And I said, “Of course, yes!’”

“It was precisely at this time that they began to expand into the white label and space services. I thought it was a great product with great potential and fantastic customers,” explains Anick. “I also thought that my skills, everything that has to do with creativity and the sale of a vision or concept, really come into play. So I jumped in! And here I am.”

How has recent times C2 affected Montreal?

Having already had people from C2 before, Will wants to look ahead. He asks Anick about the future. “I think people will be the most curious about where things are going in the future and how things are changing,” he says. “The last two years have been a crazy wild ride for all of us. How have the last two years been for you? And how do you proceed?”

Looking back over the past two years, Anick believes that C2 will learn from their experiences. “I think we will be stronger for it. At its core, we are an experienced company. When you start taking away some of the tools or levers you need to create these experiences, you become more creative in terms of the experiences you can design,” she says. “We’ve reached a smaller core of people who are extremely motivated and are asking, “What’s the next step? How do we develop further?’”

“If I think now, we have looked at the positive side of the situation,” Anick continues. “People were looking for new ways to improve the experience. I feel like the industry is risk-averse for the most part, but now people were stuck and didn’t know what to do. I have a feeling that they were more willing to try new things and take risks. The staff was up and down with a lot of new people. This new blood is what you need to stay innovative and different. That’s been the last two years,” she concludes.

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