Creating a hybrid event schedule in 2023 is an essential process — the way events are conducted has now changed dramatically, and companies have to adapt.

The world has largely moved online – as a result, the need for in-person events has decreased.But people still want some level of personal interaction, so we’ve seen an increase in companies and venues hosting hybrid events.

This growing form of event combines personal aspects of a conference with virtual elements such as live streaming.

Hybrid events have become necessary because the vast majority of people are no longer able to travel to conferences.

With flight restrictions outside the country and even between states, bringing your event to people’s homes and serving the local audience has never been more important.

Event companies and venues also need to ensure business continuity – that’s why hybrid events have become such an integral part of their strategy.

So how do you set up a hybrid conference, discussion or meeting? You should start with a solid hybrid event schedule.

Regardless of the size of your event, you need to identify your goals and communicate the strategy with your event team to make it a success.

We describe how to create a hybrid event schedule that will help you hold a successful conference.

Your first step to running a successful event is to think of it as a project that you need to manage.

With this in mind, you need to create a hybrid event schedule. Note that visual communication has become more important in an increasingly remote world.

You want to create a comprehensive document that event teams, venues and suppliers can refer to during the planning process.

It is important to add a crisis communication component to your plan. An emergency plan is required in the event that locations fail, streaming problems occur, or another matter of force majeure occurs. Creating a plan is also crucial because event teams don’t share rooms in offices — most work from home. It is a challenge to align everyone if they do not occupy the same space. So, work out your hybrid event schedule before presenting it to the venue or customers. If your event doesn’t have a goal, it’s unlikely to be successful — that’s why you should include your goals in your hybrid event schedule.

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